Audience responses

What a wonderful and very special night it was on Friday. Congratulations on a HUGE success. Pataka must have been thrilled to bits to have you there. I enjoyed every single moment and so did my friend who was with me, Susan Budd. Such wonderful choices of those women - how very clever of you. And of course you were the hit!!! Thank you again so much for inviting me - I felt very privileged to be there on Friday. Arohanui

The book is great, but the show was very worthwhile on its own.

That was a seriously soulful group event Jenny. A big vote of thanks and appreciation to all those women who took the spotlight and to all those behind and beside them .

This show was fabulous thank you wonderful women all of you for sharing your stories. We must continue to do this as women - keep telling our stories because they are rich and inspiring and motivational. Yay well done Jenny you are a treasure xx

Stunning night Jenny - haven't laughed and cried all at once so much xxxxx

Liz Willmott It was a wonderful show. The women were so brave to put themselves on the line and share their lives with us. Thank you

Such a big well done Jenny - vision, creativity and amazing organisational skill. Thank you for making such a visible and enjoyable evening.

Thanks for your vision Jenny, it was a great night.

Stepping Out at 60 was another wonderful unfolding of your vision Jenny O'Connor. What a fantastic show in all its many aspects - superb planning and teamwork, wealth of experience, honesty, intimacy, humour, creativity and just plain grit.

Huge thanks to everyone involved.

Profound and wonderful "show"