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As I headed towards my 60th birthday in February 2012, I began to sense this milestone was different.  I saw it as a period of transition, more certain in some ways but less certain in others. I wondered what other women my age were experiencing. I decided to explore these questions by talking to and photographing 60 women who are 60. The first portrait was taken in March 2012, the last in June 2013. Then I took 15 more up until 2016. 

I wanted to capture the women in their entirety – mind, body, spirit, intellect. The portraits capture their physicality, their personalities and what is important to them at this time of their lives. Clothing, accessories and props were used to bring out the stories but it is the face that brings the photograph to life. The eyes, the expression and the direct engagement with the viewer through the camera lens.

The women have written their own words for their photo. There have been no interviews. They were simply asked to write whatever they wished to say. The result is powerful, engaging, sometimes mysterious, and above all truthful and honest. These images will live on in the homes of the women, their families and friends, on the bookshelves of people who love art and photography, and those who are interested in a social commentary of a generation of women who changed the world.

Jenny O'Connor - Photographer and Author